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Oppose Arizona’s New Child Support Guidelines

What will you do when your support goes up

  • by $500 per month?
  • by $1,000 per month?
  • by $2,000 per month?

This will be in addition to what you are currently paying!

  • Will you lose your house?
  • Will your car be repossessed?
  • Will you be able to pay your bills?

Arizona’s newly proposed Child Support Guidelines will severely impact you and your family.  This is the place to learn more about this terrible policy and to voice your concerns and to commit your voice and your energies to stop this policy.

We want to hear from you and we want you to join us to stop this policy before it becomes the law of the land.


Arizonans for Sensible Policy in Family Law

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  1. clay
    September 23, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Facts are stubborn things. The facts show that the majority of ‘payors’ are non-custodial fathers. By and large they became ‘non-coustodial’ by blatant malpheasance from the superior court ‘machine’ who’s mandate is simple; take from the fathers and give to the mothers. By their very diffinition, machines don’t care about circumstances and explanations IE, (the wife has an affair and thus ended the marriage but the father MUST have done something wrong!!!) they just do as they are programed. You can’t really blame the machine; we men show our implied consent for keeping it around by doing nothing about it’s existance. We have let this happen.
    Sadly, this is just one more tool in the war against fathers. It’s not really rocket science and until the men across this country unite, this is what we can expect. Are you ready to “get off the couch” yet?

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