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COBS Adverse Outcomes

COBS will create many problems for the people of Arizona:

1 ) Increased Litigation
2 ) Increased Court Costs for litigants and taxpayers alike
3 ) Significant Government Intrusion into Families
4 ) Decimation of Families
5 ) Increased Custodial Interference
6 ) Hidden Spousal Maintenance
7 ) Foreclosures
8 ) Financial hardship for custodial and non-custodial parents alike

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  1. Clint
    October 12, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    I can tell you that these statements are very true. Until recently, I enjoyed a very civil and peaceful divorce. I was able to still do things, even as a family, with my ex, such as holidays, vacations, birthdays, etc. We would have good shared time together with the kids and even still interact very nicely. I’ve always paid my support, even more than required, as well as been a very involved father. My ex wife has not worked in 15 years at this point, even after 3 years of divorce, but holds a college degree and pharmacy tech certification. She is very employable, but is choosing NOT to work as she makes more off of my raises and promotions (I work 60+ hours per week) than if she got a job. I divorced under the current laws and agreed to pay a certain amount of spousal maintenance for many years as well as took on ALL debt. My ex wife walked away with a fairly new car (3 years old) paid off, and 0 debt.

    Now, let me speak on where many claims on what COBS will do hold true. Already, the fact that it is even being proposed, has caused many fights, problems, etc. because she is already making plans on how fast and how much she plans to fight for almost immediately after COBS takes effect, and basically rubbing it in. My CS will basically triple. My ex and I are no longer speaking, the children are being thrown around me like pawns and used against me, I have documented evidence the increased monies are desired for paying her medical bills, her car bills, her other bills, etc. and how she feels this is needed to “replace” the spousal maintenance once it ends. I’ve had to hire a lawyer because we are no longer civil, the kids are suffering now since they were used to having parents that worked together, even shared family times, but now we just won’t even speak. All of the work now has gone down the drain because of COBS and the mentality it creates to promote one parent to thrive off the other, and provides no incentive otherwise. I work 60+ hours per week and over vacations and holidays. I now have LESS incentive to seek out promotions, advancements, and raises because, in the end, she will benefit more than I will. Yes, the new calculations also show that she will actually make more per month than I do, and that gap grows wider the more I made and the less she does. I will likely have to let my house go and foreclose on it, I will have to stop paying towards the kids college educations, stop my retirement contributions, etc.

    In the end, COBS will ruin all that we, as co-parents, have worked for and just encourage the continued behavior for my ex to just sit and live off of me and live a more comfortable life than she could provide for herself. It will financially destroy me and any motivation I have to work harder. It will force me to hire a lawyer and fight my ex wife more where we used to be able to settle things peacefully.

    We are divorced, but apparently, I am still responsible for ensuring that she doesn’t have to work. How is that fair?! I feel like I’m not even divorced and COBS is aimed at making our lives as if we were still married, forever.

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