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How Can I Help?

  1. Go to aspfl.org — Donate and Join.
  2. Contact your State Legislators and State Senators
  3. Contact the Governor’s Office
  4. Contact the Arizona State Supreme Court
  5. Attend Committee Meetings
  6. Demand Public Input
  7. Demand Independent Review
  8. Demand a Discussion of Conflicts of Interest
  9. Demand that the State Courts abide by the State Constitution’s Article 3 providing for the separation of powers.
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  1. Karen Duckworth
    September 21, 2010 at 2:33 am

    Now is the time to really step up our efforts to educate as many people as possible about COBS- we need to get the word out about the October 2nd Rally!! If you are reading this wondering “How can I help?” bring 3 other people you know who will be affected by COBS, even if they don’t really understand COBS yet, and come to the Wesley Bolin Park “Crush COBS” Rally Oct. 2nd from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Bring your children and supporters, we will have lots of kid friendly activities including a giant snowslide from AZ Iceman! A BBQ lunch is included with the $20 admission (per family of three). We will have a raffle with great prizes as part of our fundraiser to work towards a goal of hiring a economist and statistical expert to prove what we already know- COBS is flawed! Please use the sign up on the main page of the aspfl.org site to sign up to volunteer at the event, we need alot of help!! Or donate food towards the BBQ, every little bit helps!! If you want to know what YOU can do to help STOP COBS??? This is it- come to the Rally, sign the citizens petition, march on the State Court buiding and demand the media provide coverage!! Email the newsdesks at
    assignmentdesk@12news.com and fox10.desk@foxtv.com and tell them you have heard about the Rally, and want to know if there will be media coverage of the COBS issue. Email Senator Gray of the AJC and tell her about your concerns re:COBS. What we have done already is a trickle- now we need to turn it on full force!!!

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